Hello world!

Have you ever felt oppressed by what you were being told to believe in?

Yet acceptance of the faith that you assumed would serve as a common field of communication with your peers only served to further disenfranchise you.  And as you sought to find some measure of relatedness to both tradition and to a changing perspective forced you up against a wall where you were identified as being associated with those with which you had no contact nor desired to have had!

You have found yourself to be a paradox.



in the beginning GOD

Perhaps the most misunderstood, most villified, most ignored, and most MIS-REPRESENTED personage in this realm of consciousness whIch we inhabitGOD has become somewhat of a non-entity being replaced by various texts, scriptures, adherents, ologies (religious or otherwise).  Pushed into the background, the human mind seems to focus more on what a person can gain from an acknowledgement or acceptance of relatedness to whatever definition (of GOD) that that mind perceives as valid.  In many cases, it is the messenger rather than the message that is honored or worshipped.   Forgotten is whom that messenger represents.

So, then, who or what is this GOD?


in the BEGINNING God

It is interesting to realize that at the onset of a text from which follows a rather generalized log chronicling the events that led to the appearance of man a precise term delimiting a specific period or moment within the scope of eternity is used.  The only real application of this term  BEGINNING is in reference to the succeeding events leading to and including the appearance of man upon earth.  The overall implication is that GOD preceded the BEGINNING.

What is of particular interest is that the succeeding verses infer that GOD is a directed consciousness.



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